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This June, TILT company members worked alongside Broadway performer-turned-Austin director Nick Mayo through an unprecedented week of theatrical discovery and experimentation. It was the first-ever Broadway TILTS, all culminated in a showcase on Sunday, June 4th that was free and open to the public! 

About Broadway TILTs:


Broadway actor and Juilliard graduate Nick Mayo taught a series of Master Classes focused on activating and aligning the actor's voice, body, and passion. Actors learned to trust their voices, lengthen their bodies, and share their passion through a series of Alexander and Suzuki-based exercises. Actors learned techniques for approaching the creative process with an aligned and activated instrument, asking "How do we care for our instrument when we are the instrument?" 

January 13 - January 22, 2017

Smoke and Mirrors

by TILT Performance Group

Directed by Adam Roberts


A hairdressing client at an appointment gone terribly wrong....---A disco queen shimmying up to romance on the dance floor....---An accomplished magician longing for more than illusion....Meet all of these characters and many more in TILT Performance Group's new work, Smoke and Mirrors.


It's an interactive, choose-your-own adventure experience with lots of laughs--and maybe a few tears. You won't want to miss this original production, written by members of the company and staged at Bravo Theatre!


September 16-23, 2016

The 39 Steps: A Live Radio Play

by Joe Landry

Directed by Adam Roberts

ABOUT THE SHOW: The comedic murder mystery tells the tale of The 39 Steps, best known for its cinematic adaptation by the Master of Suspense himself, Alfred Hitchcock. The cast of TILT Performance Group's production recreates the environment of a 1930s radio studio, complete with hand-played sound effects and period costuming. The company invit​es you to travel back in time to an era when families gathered around glowing radios to share in a laugh-out-loud evening of entertainment. The 39 Steps is directed by Adam Roberts and Gail Dalrymple, with sound design by Robert Pierson and sound effects direction by Sue Bilich. The production features company members Toby Al-Trabulsi, Dayanara Garcia, Kristin Gooch, Kieara Mapps, Jonathan Pate, Peter Richter, and Jarrett Suhr.

As Butterflies

by Hal Hudson and Jim Crew
Based on Writings from I Never Saw Another Butterfly

Directed by Adam Roberts

Hal Hudson and Jim Crew's new original musical AS BUTTERFLIES is the story of children incarcerated in the Terezin concentration camp, and is based on the poetry these children wrote, which has been compiled in the book I Never Saw Another Butterfly. This is a beautiful musical and features the acting and singing of members of the Austin Jewish Repertory Theater as well as actors from TILT Performance Group.

Our production was performed at Congregation Beth Israel beginning two days after Yom HaShoah, the day of remembrance of the Holocaust.

"Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy." --Anne Frank

January 23-30

Free Patterns

A play about schedules. Our friends...like it or not.

Created by TILT Performance Group
Directed by Robert Pierson

Schedules: we love them and we hate them. More of this type of time, less of that time. Making time, losing time. A new play by TILT Performance Group explores the intersection of ritual, routine, rut, and the good life--and the dream of time travel. This company-created piece explores the paradox that is a scheduled life.


May 28-June 5, 2015

The Flip Side

TILT Performance Group and Ground Floor Theatre present a collection of 10 minute plays on the theme of possibility--novel vantage points on otherness: what might the grass look like on the other side? what exactly is (an)other? who lives on the other side of the tracks?

Directed by Adam Roberts
Curated by Gail Dalrymple, Adam Roberts, Lisa Scheps

In January 2015, TILT and Ground Floor Theatre put out a call for submissions for their upcoming collaborative production, The Flip Side.
The ingredients we asked for:
The plays should be approximately ten minutes in length and written to be performed by 1-3 actors. The plays should focus in some way on the "flip side," i.e. novel vantage points on otherness: what might the grass look like on the other side? what exactly is (an)other? who lives on the other side of the tracks?

We received over 100 plays from all around the world. Coffee was had, plays were read, talks were talked, and THE FLIP SIDE was created.

January 2015

Tilted Moments

Created by TILT Performance Group

Written and performed by Toby Al-Trabulsi and Emily Newman

Directed by Emily Newman

FronteraFest Short Fringe 2015


November 2014

Free To Be... You And Me

The cast, comprised of company members Toby Al-Trabulsi, Amy Flores, Kristin Gooch, Emily Newman, Jonathan Pate, Caitlin Primm, Peter Richter, Garret Roden, Gordon Roden, Matthew Schiwart, and Jarrett Suhr, offers up the colorful scenes and songs that famously explore gender in today's society. With its short running time and catchy music, the production offers an opportunity for the entire family to experience live theatre together. Directed by Robert Pierson
Musical direction and choreography by Adam Roberts.

January 2014

45 Degrees

45° is a story of the tilted perspective, our comfort box, and how we live with each other. The journey explores the intersections of a technological world, physical and emotional poverty, hope, and change. The poignancy of these tilted vantage points will explode in true experimental synergy in 45°!

The entire piece is created by the company members and results in an offering that is visceral, high-quality theatre deserving of attention from even the most seasoned theatergoer.

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TILT's one-of-a-kind cabaret QUINNTESSENTIALLY BOYE features the amazing talents of Quinn and Boye, two of our most musical company members! Quinn Reich, an incredible singer with classic autism, and Nano "Ms. Boye" Nagle, an equally gifted performer with dyslexia, partner up to show that ability is the true root of disability.

October 5, 8pm

October 6, 8pm

October 7, 2pm

Blackerby Stage

1111 W. Anderson Lane
Austin, TX 78757