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PAN: A Neverland for All

Written and Performed by TILT Performance Group

June 2-11, 2023

Murchison Chapel
1201 Lavaca Street

The Cast

West Adachi

Toby Al-Trabulsi

Eric Clow

Blake Common

Nicole Cortichiato

Daya Garcia

Kristen Gooch

Allen Hernandez

Syeira Huerta

Tobin Lindzey

Kaye Love

Sam McDonald


Jonathan Pate

Quinn Reich

Peter Richter

Gabriella Sol Rodriguez

Jarrett Suhr

Yadira Uranga

The Production Team

Director: Adam Roberts

Assistant Director: MsBoye

Stage Manager: Oscar Gutierrez

Production Manager, Props, and Costumes: Gail Dalrymple

Set Dressing: Tom Common

Photography and Videography: Dave Hawks

TILT Cofounders: Gail Dalrymple, Robert Pierson, and Adam Roberts

Special Thanks

Family and Friends of the Cast

TILT's Board of Directors

Lynda Frost, Board Chair

Rhanda Luna

First United Methodist Church

Violet Crown City Church

Ploeger Interpreting Services

April Sullivan and ArtSpark Texas


Mr. Jenkins arrives at the Darling residence to inform young Willa that she's won a prize in a writing competition, and has been invited to London to read her story aloud at a festival. However, Mr. Darling refuses her permission to attend, citing that she always "jumbles up the letters and words" when she reads, and fears she would embarrass the family by speaking in public. He decides that Willa's younger brother John will read Willa's story instead.

Devastated, Willa retires to her room. Mr. Jenkins appears at her window, revealing himself to be Peter Pan. In disbelief, Willa admits to Peter that she thought he was only a fictional character. Michael and John enter, and Peter tells the three there's a magical place called Neverland where they can be made "perfect," and their disabilities will be "fixed." The three eagerly agree to fly with Peter to Neverland.

When they arrive, Peter learns that the Lost Boys have voted to change their name to the Found Folx. They've also decided they're tired of Peter's Pixie Punch, and would like to try other drinks. Stunned, Peter pretends to acquiesce. He later receives an unexpected cake, with the inscription "May All Your Dreams Come True" on top. Peter eats a piece, and immediately falls into a deep slumber. Meanwhile, Cap'n Hook and his band of pirates approach, wake Peter, and engage in a battle. Too tired to fight, Peter is dragged to Hook's ship, The Jolly Roger. 

Meanwhile, Willa learns that the Found Folx have no memory of their parents, and that Peter's Pixie Punch is actually a potion that makes them forget their past. She tells the Folx a story about a young girl named Willamena, who is kept away from society by her parents in an attempt to shield her from a painful world. The Folx realize that Peter has brought them to Neverland to do the same: to "fix" them, to protect them from the hurt caused by others. The Folx approach Peter and announce they'll be returning home with Willa, John, and Michael. After a transformative moment with Tinkerbell, Hook, and the others, Peter realizes that although his intentions were good, he went about trying to help the children in the wrong way. 


Willa, John, Peter, and the Found Folx return home, to the delight of Willa's parents. With the newfound confidence she gained in Neverland by telling her Willamena story to the Folx, she proudly and effortlessly reads aloud a new story. In amazement that Willa was able to read her story aloud perfectly, her father suggests that she do so at the festival after all. Realizing that confidence, support, and family are important parts of her life, Willa happily retires to her room. Peter Pan appears once more, where he muses with Willa that "their work here is done." Willa reminds Peter that the work of shattering disability stereotypes is never finished, and that we must always continue to tilt perspectives.  

Thank you for attending!

This work is supported by the Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities. Read more at HTTP://BIT.LY/FUNDINGDISCLAIMER.

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